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The best kids quiz questions in many categories on this free website. Quiz questions and answers for children to test their trivia and general knowledge skills.

Our quizzes are free for parents and teachers to set your own children's quizzes and tests, or simply for children to enjoy answering the various quiz questions we have available - learning new information whilst having fun at the same time.

Hopefully, many of the questions will encourage children to investigate their newly acquired trivia further. Our quizzes will get kids asking questions about history, geography, words, and other subects when discovering the answers to many of the questions. We're a British website, so there may be many spelling or cultural differences with some questions although we think that most of our questions will also be useable to non-British visitors.

How to use the 'Kids' Quiz' site?

We're adding more questions all the time - you can see what's new via our 'Updates' link. Our pages are easy to follow - all the questions have answers directly beneath, with clear navigation to the main and subject index pages. And all our pages are print friendly!

We try to cater for all younger ages so some of our kids' questions may be too easy, others too hard. We will be introducing 'easy' and 'hard' categories in the future quizzes to cater for a broader age group. So far, we've enjoyed writing questions on history, geography, science, trivia, music, sports, and flags. Recently added subjects include Harry Potter, maths (or math if you're from the U.S.), colours and numbers.

In our geography section we ask the question: 'The Taj Mahal is an ivory-white marble mausoleum in which country?' We hope that when a child looks at the answer, which is India, it might lead to further questions about India in general. If not, they've learnt another snippet of information to improve their all-round education and trivia skills.

Recently Added Questions

Kids love to learn when the subject is interesting and fun. Check out our Harry Potter quiz (in the Book Quiz section), which asks 'the name of the school Harry Potter went to' and 'what sort of animal was Crookshanks'. In our word quiz we ask the meaning of words such as Immense, Penomenal and Ravine.