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We'll be adding more quiz rounds soon. It's a new section and work in progress, so please check back. However, if you wish to know more about colours (colors if you're from America!) or numbers, then please explore more.

'Quiz Rounds' is the page to find quiz topics that don't fit under any other heading. It will be a mishmash of headings but will probably end up having the most categories of any page on this website. The page section was added in February 2020.

There's so many rounds that could and will eventually be added to this section. And we'll add some fun and imagination to the 'Quiz Rounds' page too. Some topics that come to mind are 'months of the year', famous buildings, money, entertainment, films, and famous captains. We'll put together a great collection of some of the best quiz rounds we can think of. Using fun quiz round to inspire learning and to increase children's knowledge. Questions we've asked so far include "how many strings does a violin have", a question about Easter Island, and "what colour is crimson". The rounds may be to easy for older children but hopefully there's plenty of questions for teachers and parents to suppliment their own quizzes if our quizzes are not fully suitable.

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All our questions and answers are on the same page making them very easy to follow and copy for your own use. Our online quizzes are also free and print friendly - only the questions and answers get printed, navigation bars and website images do not - saving your printer ink. Navigation is easy and easy to follow - on the top of each page.