The Queen Quiz - Queen Elizabeth II

Questions About the Queen

  1. Which jubilee will the Queen be celebrating in June?
  2. How many years will Queen Elizabeth be celebrating on the throne in her 2022 celebrations?
  3. What name starting with 'b' is given to a line of small flags on a string, used for decorating streets and houses for celebrating the jubilee?
  4. Can you name the Queen's main royal residence in London?
  5. How many children does the Queen have?
  6. The Queen has been very fond of which breed of dogs since she was a small child?
  7. Queen Elizabeth is the great-great granddaughter of another famous Queen. Can you name her?
  8. The Queen was crowned on 2 June, 1953 in which famous abbey?
  9. The Queen was a member of the British Armed Forces in which war?
  10. Who was Prime Minister when Queen Elizabeth came to the throne in 1952?
  11. Balmoral Castle is a Royal Family home in which country?
  12. Which ceremony performed by regiments of the British Army always marks the official birthday of the Queen?
  13. What was the name of the Queen's husband?
  14. For the 2012 Olympics, the Queen appeared in a short film with which British secret agent?
  15. What other language, besides English, does the Queen speak fluently?
  16. True or false. She celebrates two birthdays?
  17. The national flag of the United Kingdom is also called the Union what?
  18. The Queen made Port Stanley a city as part of her Jubilee celebrations. On which island is Port Stanley the capital city?


  1. Platinum Jubilee
  2. 70 years
  3. Bunting
  4. Buckingham Palace
  5. Four
  6. Corgis
  7. Queen Victoria
  8. Westminster Abbey
  9. World War II
  10. Sir Winston Churchill
  11. Scotland
  12. Trooping the Colour
  13. Prince Phillip
  14. James Bond
  15. French
  16. True (The first is her actual birthday (April 21) and the second is labeled her "official" birthday, when the weather is better to celebrate with the Trooping the Colour parade.)
  17. Union Jack
  18. Falkland Islands