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We love science! We aim to increase a child's knowledge of science with our quiz questions - there's lots more quizzes to come. Our quizzes are designed for kids to enjoy and increase their science knowledge via a mix of easy and not so easy questions. Totally free to use for children and teachers.

Science Quiz Questions and Answers

Questions include the natural sciences, materials, the human body, chemistry, social sciences and famous scientists. So, if learning about acorns, batteries, energy, geology, biology and bees, is a fun thing, then pop over to the question pages. We've just recently added computer and technology quizzes, two seperate quizzes, and our next page will be on geology. And after that, perhaps famous scientists or scientific discoveries, so please come back.

All our science quizzes have the questions followed by the answers beneath them, making them easy to follow. They're are also free and print friendly - only the questions and answers get printed out... we like to save your ink! Navigation is easy too - all the science quizzes are just one click away with each page having return main buttons to the main science and kids' index page.