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The dictionary says that 'trivia refers to bits of information, often of little importance' but we disagree! We hope that our trivia quizzes can help increase a child's knowledge and appreciaton of the world around them. Free for everyone to use and enjoy, we hope our trivia quizzes are a quick fun way to explore an understanding of society, art, history, geography, entertainment and the sciences.

We try to make our trivia quizzes as fun and interesting as possible. We will be adding many more pages in the near future - for both older and younger kids. So, if you wish to know what the initials D.I.Y. stands for or which artist painted the Mona Lisa, then please take a look in our trivia quiz section.

Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Our trivia quizzes ask questions on culture, history, geography and everything trivia. Do you know 'which part of the body contains the bicep muscle' or 'in which London historical building would you find wardens called Beefeaters'? These are just two of the questions asked on our above trivia quiz pages. Have fun!

The trivia questions and answers are easy to follow by being on the same page. Our online quizzes are also free and print friendly - only the questions and answers get printed and NOT the navigation bars and images, etc., saving your ink!

Navigation is easy - all our trivia section quizzes are just one click away and also have return buttons back to the main quiz menus.