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History Quizzes

History Quiz

History is an important subject in school. Our quizzes try to teach children history through fun questions. We offer a mixture of easy and hard history quiz questions that teachers and parents can use to create their own quizzes.

We include questions on recent historical events right way back to medieval history. We do ask the usual quiz questions about battles, kings and queens, but in general aim to make our history quizzes a lot more interesting and challenging!

There's more to come with future topics. Please come back if you wish to discover more about recent South African history, the American Civil War or the Spanish Armada. One question even asks which material the Statue of Liberty is made from! Have fun.

History Quiz Questions and Answers

Our history quizzes ask questions on Vikings, the Wild West, Romans, World War Two, Queen Victoria, ancient Egypt, and the moon landings. Do you know 'which admiral won the sea battle of Trafalgar' or 'which Victorian nurse became famous caring for British soldiers'. These are just two of the many questions asked in our above history quizzes.

The history questions and answers are easy to follow by being on the same page. Our online quizzes are also free and print friendly - only the questions and answers get printed and NOT the navigation bars and images, etc., saving your ink!

Navigation is easy, with all the history quizzes just one click away with return buttons back to the main quiz index.