Flag Quiz for Kids

Flags Quiz

What is a flag? A national flag is one of the most instantly recognizable symbols of a country’s identity. The word 'flag' comes from the Saxon word 'fflaken', which means to float or fly in the air, or to flap in the wind.

We've 20 awesome flag identification quiz questions for you to try. Before you try out our questions we have some trivia we hope you'll enjoy... The oldest, continuously used national flag is that of Denmark. Did you know that the flags of Romania and Chad are virtually identical? In the United States flag each stripe on the flag represents one of the thirteen original colonies, while each of the 50 stars represents a state. Vexillology is the study of flags. Enjoy our quiz.

Can you indentify the flags in our flag quiz?


  1. Greece
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Brazil
  5. Australia
  6. United States of America
  7. China
  8. India
  9. Norway
  10. Germany
  11. Italy
  12. Canada
  13. South Africa
  14. Japan
  15. Europen Union
  16. Argentina
  17. Spain
  18. Ireland
  19. Wales
  20. Switzerland