Word Quiz II

Questions - do you know the meaning of the following words?

    1. Ancestor
    2. Courteous
    3. Elaborate
    4. Endure
    5. Extraordinary
    6. Foliage
    7. Hesitate
    8. Ponder
    9. Quantity
    10. Solemn


    1. Ancestor: a person from whom one is descended.
    2. Courteous: good manners or gracious.
    3. Elaborate: marked by intricate and often excessive detail; ornate.
    4. Endure: to hold out against; tolerate.
    5. Extraordinary: exceptional; beyond what is ordinary or usual.
    6. Foliage: the leaves of a plants.
    7. Hesitate: to wait to act.
    8. Ponder: to consider something deeply and thoroughly.
    9. Quantity: an amount of anything.
    10. Solemn: serious thoughts or a grave mood.