Word Quiz I

Quiz Questions - do you know the meaning of the following words?

  1. Accommodate
  2. Immense
  3. Massive
  4. Meagre
  5. Persuade
  6. Phenomenal
  7. Ravine
  8. Recipient
  9. Satisfactory
  10. Sensitive


  1. Accommodate: to provide with a room; to do a kindness or a favour to; oblige.
  2. Immense: vast; huge.
  3. Massive: very large.
  4. Meagre: small (or deficient) in quantity or quality.
  5. Persuade: get someone to do something through reasoning.
  6. Phenomenal: highly extraordinary or exceptional.
  7. Ravine: a narrow steep-sided valley.
  8. Recipient: a person that receives or is awarded something.
  9. Satisfactory: adequate; acceptable; fulfilling expectations but not outstanding or very good.
  10. Sensitive: easily annoyed.