History III

Quiz Questions

  1. Was The Battle of Britain fought on land, sea or in the air?
  2. In Victorian times, which nurse became very famous for caring for British soldier?
  3. Name the ship that sunk by hitting an iceberg in 1912?
  4. A centurion was a professional soldier in-charge of about 100 men in which nation's army?
  5. Who is famous for keeping a diary around about the time of The Great Fire of London?
  6. What did Buzz Aldrin do in 1969?
  7. Which famous admiral won the sea battle of Trafalgar and saved Britain from the threat of invasion by Napoleon?
  8. Which King of Wessex from 871 to 899 defended England against the Vikings?
  9. Who was Britain's great war leading during World War Two?
  10. How many wives did Henry the 8th have? (note: 8th is normally written as VIII in Roman numerals)
  11. A Pharaoh was the title given to a ruler of which ancient country?
  12. Which prehistoric period came between the Stone Age and Iron Age?


  1. In the air. The RAF defended the UK against the German Air Force (Luftwaffe).
  2. Florence Nightingale
  3. The Titanic
  4. The Roman Army
  5. Samuel Pepys
  6. He walked on the moon (the second man to do so, Neil Armstrong was the first)
  7. Admiral Horatio Nelson
  8. King Alfed
  9. Winston Churchill
  10. Six
  11. Egypt
  12. Bronze Age