Animal Quiz II


  1. Which breed of large dog is known for its black spots?
  2. In which country would you find kangaroos?
  3. Tadpoles are the young of which animal?
  4. Which animal is the fastest: A cheetah, horse or elephant?
  5. Which bird is the tallest in the world?
  6. Which wild animal is the largest of the cat family?
  7. What material are the tusks of an elephant made from?
  8. What extinct animal is Manny in the Ice Age films?
  9. What are young pigs called?
  10. Which large African land mammal gets its name from the ancient Greek words for 'river horse'?
  11. Which animal similar to a crocodile is found in Florida and other southern parts of America?
  12. Which animal found only in Australia eats mostly eucalyptus leaves?


  1. Dalmation
  2. Australia
  3. Frogs (and also toads)
  4. Cheetah
  5. Ostrich
  6. Tiger
  7. Ivory
  8. Woolly mammoth
  9. Piglets
  10. Hippopotamus
  11. Alligator
  12. Koala bear