Animal Quiz I


  1. What type of animal is a poodle?
  2. What does a herbivore animal eat?
  3. Which African animal similar to a horse has a distinctive black and white striped coat?
  4. Which small animals does an entomologist study?
  5. What do camels store in their humps: water, fat, or milk?
  6. What type of bird is 'Tweety Bird' in the Warner Brothers' cartoons?
  7. True or false? Giant tortoises can live to well over 100 years?
  8. Can you name the only mammals that can fly?
  9. What species of whale is the largest animal in the world?
  10. What animal lives in a drey (- a drey is normally a mass of twigs in a tree)?
  11. Starting with the letter 'T' what term can be applied to describe a greyish cat with dark stripes?
  12. Which large white bears spend most of their time on sea ice?
  13. What type of animal was the now extinct dodo?
  14. What does a caterpillar eventually turn into?


  1. Dog
  2. Plants (they do not eat meat)
  3. Zebra
  4. Insects
  5. Fat
  6. Canary
  7. True
  8. Bats
  9. Blue Whale
  10. Squirrels
  11. Tabby cat
  12. Polar Bears
  13. A large bird
  14. Buterfly