Shapes Quiz for Kids

Shapes Quiz Questions and Answers

Our shape quiz features a mixture of everyday objects with geometric shapes. There's just 12 shapes in this quiz but we'll be adding similar quizzes soon.

Shape Quiz


  1. Triangle
  2. Pentagon
  3. Hexagonal
  4. Crescent
  5. Oval shaped or an oviod (a three-dimensional oval is formally called an ovoid)
  6. Semi-circle
  7. Squares (there are 32 black squares)
  8. Pyramid
  9. Rhombus
  10. Cylinder
  11. Heart shaped
  12. Hemisphere

Polygon names according to their number of sides

A polygon is any 2-dimensional shape formed with straight lines with at least three straight sides and angles.

triangle - 3 sides
quadrilateral- 4 sides
pentagon - 5 sides
hexagon - 6 sides
heptagon - 7 sides
octagon - 8 sides
nonagon - 9 sides
decagon - 10 sides
dodecagon - 12 sides
icosagon - 20 sides

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