Languages Quiz for Kids

Languages Questions

  1. The phrase 'bon voyage' meaning have a safe or good trip, comes from which language?
  2. Which European language do they speak in Brazil?
  3. Mandarin is the main language in which country?
  4. Which country is called Cymru in it's own langauge?
  5. Urdu is primarily spoken in which country?
  6. What are the two main langauges spoken in Canada?
  7. The word 'alphabet' if formed from the first two letters of which language?
  8. What was the first language spoken in outer space?
  9. Which language is spoken in Isreal?
  10. How many consonants are there in English?
  11. What is the main foreign language taught in British schools?
  12. At least half of the world’s population are bilingual, what does bilingual mean?
  13. What language did the Romans speak in the age of the Roman Empire about 2,000-years ago?
  14. Where in Britian is the Gaelic language often spoken?
  15. In Europe, Switzerland has four national languages - can you name three of these languages?
  16. Which European langauge is spoken in Mexico and many countries in South America?
  17. 'Arrivederci' is goodbye in which language?
  18. In which country is Hindi spoken?
  19. What is the offical language in Saudi Arabia and Egypt?
  20. Do you know which language using hand signals is often used by the deaf community?


  1. French
  2. Portuguese
  3. China (did you know that Cantonese is the second most spoken language in China?)
  4. Wales (one of the four countries in the UK)
  5. Pakistan
  6. English and French
  7. Greek (from 'alpha' and 'beta')
  8. Russian (Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first person in space in 1961)
  9. Hebrew
  10. 21 (26 letters in the alphabet minus the 5 vowels)
  11. French
  12. You speak two languages
  13. Latin
  14. Scotland (it's also spoken across the sea from Britain in Ireland)
  15. German, French, Italian and Romansh (Romansh is a language spoken in the south part of Switzerland)
  16. Spanish
  17. Italian
  18. India
  19. Arabic
  20. Sign language or American Sign Language (as it is called in the USA)