Football Quiz for Kids

Football Quiz Questions

  1. Which famous English knockout competition is also the oldest cup tournament in the world?
  2. Which famous football team play at Old Trafford?
  3. Which team does Harry Kane play for?
  4. How many teams are there in the English Premier League?
  5. Which country has won the World Cup most times?
  6. Which British football club has won six European Cups and has the club anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone"?
  7. Sheffield has two football clubs, which one of these club sounds like a day of the week?
  8. What is the name of the football stadium where England play home matches
  9. How long is one half of a professional football game?
  10. A dog called Pickles became famous in 1966 for finding what?
  11. Which famous football player moved to Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007?
  12. Diego Maradona, who is one of the best ever football players, played for which country?
  13. What do footballers wear beneath their socks to protect their ankles and lower legs from injury?
  14. How many points does an English Premier League team get if they win the match?
  15. The football clubs Rangers and Celtic are teams in which British city?
  16. What sort of animal is on both the England and Scotland football badges?
  17. Real Madrid are a brilliant team from which country?
  18. Can you name the record goalscorer for the England national team?
  19. What word is used to describe a match between two local rival teams?
  20. Which Brazilian footballer is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time?
  21. Which football team are nicknamed The Gunners?
  22. Which Portuguese footballer is the most famous footballer in the world?


  1. FA Cup
  2. Manchester United
  3. Tottenham Hotspur (Spurs)
  4. 20
  5. Brazil
  6. Liverpool
  7. Sheffield Wednesday
  8. Wembley Stadium
  9. 45 minutes
  10. The World Cup (which had been stolen but was found in a garden by a dog called Pickles)
  11. David Beckham
  12. Argentina
  13. Shinpads
  14. 3 points
  15. Glasgow (in Scotland)
  16. A lion (England has three lions on it's badge, Scotland has one)
  17. Spain
  18. Wayne Rooney
  19. A derby
  20. Pele
  21. Arsenal
  22. Cristiano Ronaldo

Note: Football is called soccer in the United States of America. The term 'soccer' was first used in 1889 and might be an abbreviation of association football.