Famous Paintings Quiz for Kids

Famous Painting Quiz - name the artist?


  1. Vincent van Gogh
  2. Leonardo da Vinci
  3. John Constable
  4. Leonardo da Vinci (The Last Supper measures 460 cm × 880 cm (180 in × 350 in) and covers an end wall of the dining hall at the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy. )
  5. Frans Hals
  6. Edvard Munch
  7. L. S. Lowry
  8. Grant Wood
  9. Johannes Vermeer
  10. Salavador Dali
  11. Gustav Klimt
  12. Andy Warhol
  13. Roy Lichtenstein
  14. Rene Magritte
  15. Pablo Picasso
  16. Rembrandt (full name: Rembrandt van Rijn)

Famous Artists Quiz Questions and Answers

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