News Quiz 2016

News Quiz - 2016

  1. Which famous Hollywood star celebrated his 100th brithday on December 9th?
  2. Who lost the American presidential election to Donald Trump?
  3. In November, Anna Georgette Gilford became a regular on Saturday night television; how is she better known?
  4. What did Gina Miller try to stop in the courts?
  5. In October, it was the 950th anniversary of which famous battle?
  6. What went up to £7.20?
  7. In April, Philip Hammond was the first UK Foreign Secretary to visit which country since 1959?
  8. Who replaced David Cameron as British Prime Minister?
  9. Which historical leader was on the new British five pound note?
  10. How old did the Queen become in April 2016?
  11. Which term became famous as the word meaning British withdrawal from the EU?
  12. What sort of walk did Tim Peake famously make in January 2016?


  1. Kirk Douglas
  2. Hilary Clinton
  3. Honey G
  4. Brexit
  5. The Battle of Hastings
  6. The minimum wage (for people over 25)
  7. Cuba
  8. Theresa May
  9. Winston Churchill
  10. 90
  11. Brexit
  12. A spacewalk